Dance of Abundance

Dance of Abundance

Solar Plexus Chakra image in the Totem Chakra Series
20x24 Museum Quality Reproduction. Gallery wrapped with 150 year fade resistant color quality.
Each image has been painted in various strategic places to add the special touch. Limited edition piece comes with certificate of authenticity.
  • The Story

    Dedicated to the third chakra of my Totem Chakra series, the "solar plexus chakra" this piece activates the part of us that attracts abundance. Located above the nave or slightly below the solar plexus, the third chakra is called Manipura, the "City of Jewels" . Often associated with the color yellow, and blue in classical tantra, this chakra is associated with fire and the power of transformation.

    Included as the totem is the White Buffalo. During the creation of this process many energies were accessed using obsidian from fire ceremony in New Mexico, sacred white sage gifted from a local Native American Shaman in Colorado, and ritual tobacco medicine used frequently in sweat lodge ceremony.
    The White Buffalo represents  Provision, Gratitude, Abundance, Consistency, Strength, Stability, Blessings and Prosperity.

     When White Buffalo visits, it is a sign of holiness, a reminder of the greater whole. He also signifies a sign of promise and great prosperity.
     In Native American legend, the buffalo is associated with smoke, tobacco and the sacred pipe.

    The design of this piece was energy captured during a New Year's Eve ceremonial, estatic dance held by Rhythm Sanctuary.
    The final magic of the piece was brought forth through chakra balancing provided for me through the acupuncture and reiki healing of Jordan New.
    So much energy has gone into the activation of this particular chakra it can only bring about a positive transformation for the person who chooses to meditate on these things and through the power of the intention set.

    My gift to the new year for you to give yourself the opportunity to really step up and in to your power.

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