Garden of the Heart

Garden of the Heart

Heart Chakra image in the Totem Chakra Series
20x24 Museum Quality Reproduction. Gallery wrapped with 150 year fade resistant color quality.
Each image has been painted in various strategic places to add the special touch. Limited edition piece comes with certificate of authenticity.
  • The Story

    The Garden of the Heart is a sacred place where the journey in can be challenging. But once you arrive there is no turning back. The activation of love sends forth it's nurturing, gentle, powerful, enriching, healing light and we are ever transformed. The light of the heart is  a gift that brings forth profound experience and the love produced is the answer to creating a truth in the world we still seek to this day. My journey to this space was turbulent. Underneath the lotus was originally painted a key hole. The space for the lotus was so very small. I decided to open up and really felt into love and my relationship to it. I found that the pouring out of love was ever present, but in some ways, I needed more pouring in. From myself, not external forces. Love yourself and really allow yourself to be heard. Hold space for that which you know serves you in the healthiest and highest place and then pour THAT love back into the world and watch as the garden transforms and grows in brilliance and harmonious ways.

    Third piece in my chakra series. Dedicated to the heart chakra.

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