• Rebirth

    24x30x1 acrylic on canvas
    Price includes tax. Shipping costs vary but should average around 150.00
    The dissolving.
    The falling away.
    The revealing. 
    The death of what we know. 
    The Phoenix comes to remind us of the life death life cycle. Once there is nothing, there is room for what is next. It knows it will burst into flames. It will shine brighter than any other time. It will cause every living being nearby to stop and pay attention. It’s message is clear. 
    Have hope. There is a cycle to life that requires all things be pulled to the light, even if that light is leaving everything in ash. 
    In order to truly see we must look at the cycle. We must always remember that nothing lasts forever but in its place something will always be reborn. 
    We can be resurrected through the purification. But we must be willing to let something die in order for something else to live. 
    We are survivors. We are warriors. We have what it takes to learn from our mistakes and grow. We are living through the life-death-life cycle. Everyday. 
    Stay present in the moment. And burn ever brighter. 
    Dedicated to the devastation of the wildfires in Oregon, Colorado, Washington, and California
    15% of all net proceeds will be donated to various funds by the artist.