Singing Trees
  • Singing Trees

    This piece is created out of repurposed wood and metal. Only the paint is new. 
    In these times, if we can honor the wood and design with repurposed materials, we can become a part of the solution. The trees are becoming scarce.
    A portion of the proceeds goes towards #teamtrees 
    To help replant devastated groves and forests around the world. 
    This piece stands 38” high and 20” wide. Painted with acrylic and metallic gold .Varnished.
    It is twisty and curvy and made with the wood from a fruit tree. 
    The wood was saved from the chipper and dried naturally.  There are individual tweaks and cracks in the piece. I suspect it will continue to evolve. As it should. It is a part of the art and message.  The metal was a scrap piece and has a rough patina face. The top of the metal is painted gold to compliment the wood. It has a rugged feel with a raw energy. 
    It’s around 30pounds so shipping will be real time pricing and separate.