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Meet The Creative in YOU

Inside of you lives a creative being.You have the ability to create your world. To create your life. To create from the heart. This immersive experience brings you to the gateway of understanding yourself through your conversation to creation. Nevot classes and events are the tool to get there. You do not need to be an artist to get something positive out of this. It is for your heart and wellbeing. 

 It's time to learn to flow and find your own voice in creation. Lisa will lead you to your muse and you will create with ease and unique flair. This way of playing holds no expectation. It releases the need to "do it right" and gives you permission to really be you.

Experience the release of dopamine and sertonin as you drop into to flow state.  

Available for private parties as well as events! Contact Lisa for info.

Click below to learn about and register for current events happening.




What an amazing workshop.  Lisa Nevot is an amazing and talented artist / facilitator who engages each person in an expressive experience that incorporates a new awareness of individual patterns of human experience and creates a beautiful and unique piece of art!   Each new artist reveals themselves while learning new technical skills and celebrating letting go of self-judgment and expectations.   I highly recommend for a fun evening of self-exploration and creativity. 

Debra Ayer, LCSW

As a business owner and mom to two little kids I feel like I always have something that I have to do. It was so relaxing to have the opportunity to create something for no reason. An opportunity to fuel my creativity and enjoy the company of others. Lisa’s creative guidance helped me to let go of all expectations. I sat down and created something for no reason or purpose and it was an absolutely wonderful blissful feeling. I realized that when I stopped trying to force it to look like a certain image and just let my intuition guide my brush strokes I was able to create a beautiful picture. Thank you Lisa, your soulful advice transcended off the paper and spoke to my spiritual side. I left feeling reenergized and refreshed. My art is now hanging on my wall. When I look at it I can feel that gentle reminder to let go of expectations and enjoy the process. 

Ryann Satz, Business Owner

My work with Lisa has been transformational. Her insight, wisdom, and guidance has helped me to discover my inner artist voice and learn how to proceed in my art in a way that honors who I am. Lisa’s encouragement and insight has allowed me to move past the “should, woulds, and coulds” that have been blocking my artistic flow. Now I paint exactly what I want without explanation or justification and I find great joy in doing so. I could not have taken this giant leap forward without Lisa’s mentorship and I look forward to my continually growth as an artist as can’t wait to learn even more from her. Thank you, Lisa!!

Victoria Wolf, Publishing-Graphic Design

I often feel awkward or out of my element in art classes. But Lisa makes me feel right at home with art. She is so encouraging, so relaxed and down to earth in her approach. She is a wonderful mentor, teaching various techniques, giving great examples, she just makes it so easy to learn! When she focuses on particular  artists in her classes (such as Monet, Kahlo, etc.) she's able to easily guide us through that artist's style and how to apply it in our won artwork. I love how she thoroughly researches the history of the artists and shares their life stories with us. Can't speak highly enough about Lisa's classes. I have really enjoyed each one I have attended. Can't wait to take more!

Sarah Timmons, Art enthusiast/ Social Community Leader

I love her creativity and talent and the evolution of her art! I also feel she is a great mentor and teacher. Thank you for helping me find my unique style and understand the colors, products, instruments and to express my feelings, style and in trusting my instincts. 

Raju Jairam / Master Builder for MBI

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