because the trees are singing

“For too long we have gone unheard. It’s time to listen to each other and listen to mother nature. Abundance lives here.”  - Nevot


In the spirit of giving back to our planet, and to thank the trees for their bounty as they provide so much for us, this collection is dedicated to the re-planting of the trees. For every piece that is sold, 5 trees, possibly more will be planted through #TeamTrees.


Working with the wood includes finding re-claimed, repurposed, or re-purchased wood. The ultimate goal is to use what has already fallen and been gifted to us.    

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 The Song of the West

A bit about the artist - NEVOT

There is a place inside of us, that wants to run free. We dream of scouring the mountain trails and communing with the deer. To stumble upon abandoned mines or find treasure in bones and feather is the adventurer’s way.

Artist Lisa Nevot has captured that journey in her paintings. With subtle hints of wood spirits, conjuring up memories of lifetimes past, one feels transported into another realm. This is a place of coming together and coming apart. It’s grounding yet revealing, something so very cosmic one can’t help but look a little closer.


Lisa Nevot has spent over 40 years living and painting in the west. From California, to Colorado, to Utah, she has explored the back roads and landscape. Hiking and road trips bring her peace and her work directly reflects the grit and polish of being exposed to such sacred lands.

She is impassioned about helping mother nature heal. With the trees being burnt, replanting is so important. Her message to anyone listening:


“Listen for the song in the trees. They will sing to you. Stand in their nest, with the moisture beneath your feet, and the musky smell of deep rich earth filling your lungs. You will know how supported you are."


"The clear water is such a gift. The clean air is so precious. Honor this. Earth will always find its way back. How do we fit? Who do we want to be?”


 Nevot is an advocate for human rights. The right to dignity, clean food, clean air, and clean water. She is a messenger for compassion, asking that everyone work towards empathy for our neighbor. Remember to love.

Her work is a voice for that. She paints what she feels, not what she sees.

Ms. Nevot has recently discovered painting on wood. Upon getting closer she sees images in the wood. Beings and places reveal themselves. Her brush loves to follow the character of the tree.  The trees have such long beautiful lives, to capture that through the rings and bring it to art is a gift. 

“If only we could see how abundant the earth is in her giving, maybe we wouldn’t always be so afraid there isn’t going to be enough. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we saw the beauty and listened to her song?

We would nurture her, the way she nurtures us. We would be inspired to have reverence for her. We would give back, and there would be a bounty of love.”