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Lisa Nevot is a seasoned member of the creative arts industry.

With a career spanning just shy of 4 decades Lisa has run a business fashioned to suit her lifestyle, craving for adventure, freedom in expression, and passion for art.

Lisa’s work varies in style and medium making her accessible to multiple clientele tastes and needs.


Her mediums include watercolor, acrylic, pen and ink, graphite, canvas, and wood. Even painting on glass and brick. Her style is recognizable yet vastly different based on current inspiration and influences.


Her artwork has won her awards, been published, licensed, auctioned, in galleries, in stores, and sold online. All through her own marketing and distribution channels.

Her love for the arts has brought her to speak on panels, speak to large audiences, paint live on stage with best selling authors. It has taken her work to Italy to tour for a year, to hang along side the likes of Diego Rivera and even Michaelangelo. She has been published in multiple magazines and it has led her to teach art history through the artists of the past as well as teaching beginners to bring out their love of creation.

Lisa is still creating and teaching to this day, continuing to live her way and loving the life she leads.

“Success is in the ability to live the lifestyle you choose, not just the power of acquisition.”

She creates from the soul for the soul.

When she is not locked up in her studio or spending time in the galleries, Lisa can be found wandering Old Town Fort Collins enjoying the local flavors or taking road trips and doing photography. She lives in Colorado with her old but sweet kitty Candy. 

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