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"I believe we are in another renaissance of human kind. This requires building and creating in a new world. Very exciting times. I believe that there is hope in the people and it exists as a quiet creator. This time it is directly in the laps of the people. It is time for us to build the world we know we need and let the rest fall into its darkness." -Lisa Nevot


Intentional Art with impact. 


Lisa Nevot is a lover of nature.

An advocate for the human right to receive respect.

She believes in the power of art to unite and express a world unfolding and new.


Art is her regulator. It is the beat of her heart staying slow and steady. Gently pulsing and deeply soothing.


Her art is designed to reflect the abstraction of our relationship to life's messiness through fluidity and dedication. She lets each piece become its natural self and does not force or try to make her art do anything. It just does. 

Nevot is an international and award-winning artist. Her work has been published and she has been published in trade magazines and newspapers over the last 15 years. 

She has been in the creative art industry for over 36 years.

Currently her artwork is touring Europe. Primariy Italy. She has shown in galleries and museums in Madrid Spain, Rome, Florence, Corchiano, Forli, Milan, and is heading to Museo Colle Del Duomo in Vitrbo sharing walls with Michaelangelo. She is also hanging and selling through Fort Collins Museum of Art, and spends time and hangs in the Independence Gallery in Loveland Colorado. However, the majority of her collectors are online selling to collectors all over the world. 

Ms. Nevot is also teaching art history and the inspiration of art as a tool to become a more conscious creator of our own lives. She is living out her passions daily, free to explore and experiment in life in a way most people do not experience. This enables her to follow her inspiration wherever it leads. Always evolving. Always changing.

Lisa is leading creative art flow experiences. Creating a new access point to the portal of creation for each individual by offering freedom to experiment. 

She is currently focused on the reduction of resources being used and representing a conscious business regarding excess, pollution, and waste of all precious natural materials. This is a never ending balance. But worth the exploration.


Neuroplastic Art


Art imitating life.

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