Lisa  Nevot

I create non figurative and illustrative energy paintings of the spirit of my life.  Not the material/physical world.

To follow my work is to follow a map of adventures, discoveries, challenges, and opportunities in which collectors become the collective in the energetic journey.

I believe that women are consciously deprived of icons, models, and mentors.


I reject this; my art is my answer. I paint representations of my intellectual, emotional, and energetic truth as a woman. I am here to remind us of the extraordinary energy that is alive in all of us. Our choices are our own and  not subject to any person, doctrine, or dogma.


As we know and own the choices we make as women, men and society are born of who we are and the unique energy we each bring. We are changing the world.


That is what I paint and WHY I paint.


My art and lifestyle represents who I am: I am free.

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