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Art Medicine

Life has a funny way of getting under our skin. It whispers in our ear and creates a unending list of tasks that we must do in order to.........

In the business of art it really dives in and suggests that there is a cornucopia of menial duties that must be addressed before giving ourselves the pleasure of creating. Accounting, inventory, product placement, marketing, networking, shipping, and general management all tug at our sleeves with the "responsibility" of being an artist.

Because creating is fun, brings pleasure, and feels a bit more luxurious, it gets put off and put away until the beast of burden is satisfied. It also gets put away because it is messy.

It is put in the "studio" which in my case is a loft above my living space. It gets hidden in another room or just stored until it is time to create again.

But putting it away is the death of the business.

Art brings peace at every level. At the fundamental level, it is a meditation. It is very soothing and relaxes the mind and the body. It releases built up tension and provides color therapy. It opens up the right brain and lets the left brain take a break. When we do art, we are actually higher functioning in the other areas of our lives. It's like doing mental yoga.

Art brings peace by building new inventory as well. It actually generates interest and sales. All of the preparation in the world is worth nothing if there isn't a flow of new works to present and keep the market interested. It's just as necessary as all of the other tasks.

Art is healthy for the clients. Did you know that when a person says "that moves me" in relationship to their experience of a piece of art, that they are actually getting a release of dopamine? Art is the focal point of a room creating the "vibe" of the environment. It pulses out energy to create a certain mood. Tranquil art during stressful times is actually creating a chemical rush of relaxing and soothing hormones. Color therapy is widely used to calm the mind.

Give yourself permission to put down the "to do" list. Creating is productive at a very high level. That is part of why it brings such joy and peace. Keep the balance. It is the right thing to do.

Do not put away the creative tools. Let them clutter your living space. Turn your home into a studio rather than building an alter to the television. Keep the instruments available. They will call to you. It's okay to let them live with you. When did it become more important to have an 80" tv ready for mind control, versus creative tools, instruments, and books available for stimulation and creation? Why keep that formal room so formal? Fill it with your passion play. Who uses those large dining tables on a daily basis? Unless you have 7 kids, turn it into a working creative space. You can clean it off in November when everyone comes around for Thanksgiving.

Times are very stressful for people. Create. Listen to music. Dance. Write. Sing. Read. Play games. Exercise. Go for walks. Cook.

Put art in your home that moves you.... whether you are making it, or buying it.

Now is the time to reach into the tool box of all things good for us.

It's medicine.

- Me

Image displayed is titled: Emerging available in prints or as the original on my website. Visit for more information.

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