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Bridge to the Multiverse

Everything around us is happening all at once. There is a dissolving and evolving wave pushing us through space. So much information is being exchanged, so much is breaking open. And breaking down.

Creation is future positive if given the right attention. The value we put on ourselves and our lives is being challenged daily.

We are floating through worlds every minute as this moment is not the moment before and not exactly the same. Nothing is static. Nothing.

In all of this freedom of form is the power to form. The murkiness of old form is dissolving as it always has. The power to form is so relentless in its requirements. It takes focus, discipline, intent, awareness, action, patience, stability, courage, and confidence. It also requires flexibility, spontaneity, creativity, inspiration, passion, and desire.

To create reality without these items of intent, reality bending is sloppy. Re-creation for recreation. There is a bit more to it than that and we are evolving into beings that understand this. Wow, powerful stuff.

I still, have faith in the grass roots of the people.

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1 comentario

Rhonda K Scott
Rhonda K Scott
14 dic 2022

Beautiful Lisa!!

Me gusta
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