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Giving the Soul a Voice

Soul Journey

In my world I work from the inside out. Absorbing information to feed my soul vs my head. The learning informs my heart mind. Then my heart speaks to my head.

It helps me determine the difference between instinct and impulse. Being impulsive with my art and life has caused great loss. Loss that can't be regained. It only returns as a lesson.

But being instinctual with my art and life has given me a path that lights up and seems to lead to the road home. It brings my soul to the world with a voice. Giving my soul voice keeps my hope and vision alive.

To keep going in the face of uncertainty is not as frightening if I remember that nothing has ever been certain. I am just in the wake of this wave.

I feed my soul. It will inform the rest of me. I have learned to give it voice.

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