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We are worlds within worlds within worlds.

I was telling my daughter the other day that when she goes out into "the world", really it is her world with limitless possibility. The size of her world only grows to the level at which she can handle


Every person is their own creator living within their own world. Life is filled with doors to portals of new experiences and growth. Every time we choose we are entering into another possibility. It is endless.

I think we have forgotten that we are the creators of our own experiences. There are structures in place to keep the system or machine running and maybe that offers less control. (ie: taxes) But still, we can choose daily how we move about and what the exploration of options looks like.

I am finding that as my offspring prepare to fly the coop, my options are becoming limitless in a way that is only really blocked by my ability to imagine and create. From going back to school, to moving to Europe and all the in-betweens I am surrounded by larger and more influential portals.

Being connected to the arts mimics these ideas in a very controlled way. It has prepared me to flow and create without being fearful of the outcome. Having confidence in my ability to watch the signs and stay disciplined as well as lay a strong foundation leaves me excited to build and try new things.

What I have learned through a lifetime of creation, is that it is totally okay to make mistakes. That perfection is not obtainable and unrealistic. I have learned to learn. Keep learning. That growing means taking risks and being discerning regarding the portals I choose.

I have learned that integration requires understanding that I am - everyone is - unique as a creator in their world. That being like everyone else or worrying about fitting in will not bring me the integration I am hoping to achieve. Rather, I find that being unique and myself allows others to be themselves and in that we find common ground. I have found common ground. It is in accepting the differences and like a puzzle, figuring out how it all fits together. Drawing upon my own strengths, acknowledging my weakness. How does that work in the community I am building? We all fit together in an intricate weaving of the tapestry of life. As each one of us learns how important we are in the overall picture we realize, we are yes... just one person. But at the same time, we are in entire world impacting every other world and when we integrate, we grow. We can change the larger world with the designing of our own worlds to be of the highest integrity. One person connecting to another. And another. And another. Through acceptance, opening to possibility, and working together to create.

Art can be a gateway. It has been since the beginning of time.

That is why I am teaching. To open gateways for the individual to meet their creator.

I love doing it. I went through a portal and found a whole world waiting to join me.

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