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It's time to own it

In a field of many, there is still only one "you". It took very specific choices in very specific moments, that seemed insignificant at the time, to create a very specific you.

For decades we have been programmed to be a part of a system that put boundaries around what was acceptable and not.

Even now there is the "essential" and "non-essential" people in the country. As an artist I would be deemed most definitely "non-essential". Yet art is such a bright form of expression and brings such joy. It captures the mood of the times, and is used as a platform to create discussions.

When times start to come apart, people need to be inventive and creative and very adaptable to move to whatever new and next thing. Those people are people who think outside of the box. Who think for themselves. Creators. Artists.

Being an artist does not just mean being a painter. In my world, the definition of an artist can stretch as far as one who builds their own life and world their way that suits their fullest expression in a creative and inspired fashion. Anytime we pull something from nothing and use that part of our brain we are creating the art of life. But we have to be in our power and own that.

Unfortunately, even to this day, the artist type is typically looked at as not as good as the person who falls into the system easily. Not by everyone, but most certainly by many. Especially in the IT world and the Corporate world.

In order to really own it we have to move beyond the voices of the external world and claim our space in this world. We have to realize our value and the "need" or "essential' nature of who we are and what we do. Just because the government and pandemic has told us to shut our value down does not mean that is the truth of us. Creators play a valuable role. We just think for ourselves and right now, that is not ideal for our government or the direction the world "thinks" it's going.

We can create our value and our world even now. Even in this. See, the thing is, when they shut us down they took away our joy and our play. They covered our mouths and silenced our song. Human beings were born to sing, dance, rejoice, create, paint, write, cook, and all of the things that feed the spirit and humanity. The longer they keep it from us, the more we will crave it.

Every new song becomes interesting. Every movie or play written right now will be a reflection of the minds of the times. Every piece of art right now expresses color and deep emotion of our lives. The food.... tastes better when we can get it. Now of all times, our talents are being more requested and desired and appreciated because it has been taken.

So pull upon that which has lived in you and bring it forth. All of this time within and searching ourselves is for this moment. It is to light a fire from inside instead of hiding in the distractions of out there. It is a renaissance and as a creator, you are alive here and now. You get to give birth to the next wave of life as we know it. The single minded can't comprehend the complexity of you because they are not you. Don't listen to the doom or the fear. Create. Create. Create.

You are the only you on this planet. Something about you is very different than anyone else. And THAT, is a very good thing. You are absolutely ESSENTIAL.

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