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Mercy and Compassion

In these times, with all of the rough edges, finding tenderness and a gentle channel is a blessing.

What does mercy look like? It is a rest. An exhale. An opening. Mercy is dropping the need to be right. It is letting go of judgement.

How is it obtained? Through learning and knowing ourselves. It's not out there. It's in here. It is the inhale of providing, the exhale of releasing. I love when I discover it but recognizing is becoming harder.

Mercy comes with learning to back off of our loved ones, even when we only want the best for them. Letting go of relationships that draw energy and do not give back. Releasing control.

Our minds want so badly to find resolution in the world. We turn that in on ourselves, then we turn on each other. But resolution does not always come when we need it. It is not coming for us as a planet, let alone our personal relationship to the world.

Our stuff is ours to own. Our only way out is through. Our only hope is mercy. To be merciful with ourselves and do not beat ourselves up if things are not done right or well or even at all.

Hope lives in forgiveness and compassion. If we are angry, disappointed, frustrated or afraid, we will project that out. Checking in with our perspective will help us. Our mind is the projector, the world is our video screen. Our mindset, and our point of view is ours and if we don't like what we see... taking it out on others won't help.

Step back and take a breath. Let go of the need to have it all figured out. None of us do. Be patient with yourself and those who matter to you. We are all on a journey. We are all in it together and simultaneously we are facing our own demons. Let's all drop into our hearts. Close the eyes and breathe in mercy. Feel it. Offer it. Breathe out compassion. Feel it. Offer it.

It's okay to be where ever you are at, but be here now. The only tool we really have is this moment.

Remember, we need to live... not just survive.

Painting and message: Lisa Nevot

Painting is available: "Mudra"

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