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Push the sky away

Updated: Jan 8, 2023

Being an artist takes up most of my waking life. If I am going to be real here, then I need to be raw.

I paint almost every day. People get bored easily these days. With so much information coming from every direction, instant gratification ,rapid production, and variety are expected. Considered normal. Add to that social media presence. Live streams, reels, photos, process. Then there is shipping, stocking, inventory management, location management and documenting, client relationships, building for shows, doing them, setting up and breaking down, creating display, live painting, travel, plus… networking, loading up the website, finding new inspiration, accounting, billing, taxes. Teaching. Mentoring.

I am sure I am missing something.

But to really do art full time and make a living at it- requires a full blown commitment.

Finding the right audience and being able to do that with consistency on a continued basis- is the number one way to get recognition and grow value.

For me it is the hardest part of the job. It means socializing and networking. Going to events and rubbing shoulders with artists and collectors. Setting up opportunities to stay in introductions.

My personality prefers small groups of familiar faces. This is where where I fall down. I prefer seclusion.

I wonder how I am going to tackle this.

I think it helps to share the journey with collectors. So they understand how much goes in to each piece.

I think people see my art as “fun”. For many it is. For me it is passion and my life boat. I take it seriously. I am a professional. Not a hobbyist. It is how I pay my bills.

If you are a collector, thank you. Thank you for seeing enough value to bring my passion into your space. Thank you for investing in it. In me. In art.

Thank you for those who have shared me with friends. Word of mouth is a really amazing show of support.

There is often the battle within to give up or not give up. I am still doing art because just as I decide to quit someone comes along and buys enough art to keep me going and give me hope. This has been going on for decades. I always wonder if the well will dry up. It never does.

thank you. Thank you. Thank you. You have no idea how much your choice to see me has made a difference in my life. Truly, it is everything, as art is all I have.

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Én kommentar

Paula Mull
Paula Mull
12. okt. 2022

Having your art around my home brings me such peace and happiness. When I have someone over, they notice your beautiful pieces right away and almost always comment on them. I'm grateful to you for bringing this energy into my life. ❤️

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