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As we all know, transformation does not come easily. Most of us resist even when we say we want it, because there is something we are needing to put on the altar. A sacrifice has to be made.

It seems today that the world has been called together to put our lifestyle on the altar. Mother Earth has been asking us to halt our process for many years and as we suffered the largest loss of animal life from one fire in Australia, we still... would not cease.

Until now.

So much has been taken for granted and now taken from us temporarily. (Or permanently for some.) Gratitude is being shoved in our faces. Be grateful. Be grateful. Stop consuming and reaching for distraction. Slow down. Be still. Be grateful.

If at the moment I have food I am grateful. With people cleaning off the shelves from panic buying, suddenly a fully stocked kitchen is a gift.

If at this moment I have a warm home to live in where I am safe and creating safety, I am grateful. With the 'stay at home' requirements, I can't imagine what the homeless are doing at the moment. To be on the street with everything closed and no access to indoor facility or support, is not something I am experiencing. I am warm. I have a comfortable bed and even more comfy couch. I am grateful.

When someone walks down the street and smiles and waves, I am grateful. Kindness is creeping in and people's walls are coming down, just as the walls of distancing are going up.

Our transformation includes, more kindness, more connection, people working from home which is allowing the planet to breathe. The air is cleaner already. It's amazing. People are adopting more pets. People are spending time with their loved ones. People are reaching across the table again and more people are focused on winning this mental and physical war, than fighting each other. Artists are painting and singers are sharing.

There is new interest in all things that make life beautiful. The chariot of whips for money has been halted.

Today is a good day to be a creative person. Your home is stocked with things to create and people are needing to be soothed by the arts. Dial in and let the creative side of your life consume you. Be who lives inside of you rather than reaching into a broken system for identity. This is the time all creatives have been waiting for. Social media is definitely on an uptick. Get on there and show what you can do. When this is over, we won't be the same.

I for one, am grateful for the opportunity to stay connected to you. Thank you for being a part of my journey.

Image above title: Dragonfly Dreaming

8x10 prints are available through the following link.

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