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Changing the Narrative

As we progress further into the new world growing up around us, we must begin to address the narrative we have been taught.

I believe we are each, individual worlds. No two experiences here on earth are the same. Entire stories are written in a lifetime with each individual that comes here. We are the rulers of our King/Queendoms. Our leadership of our own thoughts and lives, through our choices and self awareness is what truly governs the outcomes of our destinies.

But we have forgotten that as we were taught to follow a creator we do not have access to and have been expected to hand the creator inside of us, over to institutions.

It has numbed many of us out as we have been taught to put the control in the hands of people who deem themselves more worthy to govern our worlds.

We are worlds on a planet. Millions of them. And the trick is learning to create worlds that naturally integrate vs being programmed and put to sleep. Waking up our creative side is waking up the muse, the king, the queen, the independent thinker in all of us.

As we work to construct a new way of adapting to life and all of the changes, exercising our minds through complex problem solving and critical thinking can be fun! It can be inspired and exciting and enriching. It is important to find things in life that make us feel good and allow the creator in us to be explored. What a healthy way to find our way to self.

We have as a people, everything we need including the key to unshackle our minds. It is through believing in our inner creator and allowing mistakes and messiness as we come back to ourselves. We can, and have always been, creating the world we live in. By participating or not we have been involved. We are all here facing the same thing. We can all come up with a new and better way. And it begins with believing in ourselves.

Wake up sweet muse.

The time for your expression to color the world in light. Let's design our inner worlds with peace and all things that make life worth living.

Your friend,


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