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Curating a Creative World

"Peace Offering"

As the world we live in continues to deconstruct old paradigms, as individuals we are given the very rare opportunity to take a closer look at what we believe to be true. True about ourselves, what we have been told and how the systems have propelled us in directions that we simply followed and took to be the truth.

Part of the new awakening as the world transforms is how we as individuals represent ourselves. How we live. The constructs we have fallen into without knowing. There can now be a revealing of more truth and individual selves and life choices. I am finding a passion and voice in questioning the narrative around creative people, the value, the possibility, and the necessity.

As books are being banned, media is being controlled and life is causing to dive deep or stay in really shallow waters- the creative spirit is being called to the front of the room.

"To create one must first destroy." Pablo Picasso

To be a creative person (and all people are- it is just dormant) means to create something new from something else.

The ability to create gives us personal power. It encourages us to think outside of the status quo and come up with problem solving solutions in order to have something "new" that has not been experienced before. There is no defined rule in this process.

You are the creator of your life. Only now in these times as it all starts to fall away, you get to decide how much of the programming you want to rule you. And how much you realized was created to stunt you and make you less of yourself in order to have a good worker in civilization. It was designed to separate creative vision from the term "work'. Being creative is not conducive to having people not question authority.

There is an abuse happening to the muse here in the USA. We are hijacked by the wealthy and institutions (again) who make the decisions about what is worthy and not worthy. While machines and factories do the work that once belonged to us.

The narrative has been designed in a way that leaves makers, creators, in a stigma where they go unseen, undervalued, disrespected, and at times disregarded for the contributions they bring.

If we can keep the free thinkers, and makers, hijacked by a broken business model and personal attacks on character - we don't need to worry about them bringing about things that society wants and craves and follows because their self-esteem leaves them believing they have low value and are not worthy of expression.

Leaving society only with what they are provided to choose from.

How many of us were told as a young one to find a real job and make this a hobby. Why would that be set up? Listen to the languaging. It puts it into the world on a collective basis that survival and creation are not partners. Really? Really. How in the world can they say that. To survive by nature we must be creative.

A creative renaissance upon us and things ARE changing. We can be a part of that by beginning to embrace the same respect and opening up the love that our muse deserves.

Creation is healing. It is soothing. It is inspiring. It is what brings about new inventions.

Imagine unlocking all of the minds who were shut down in the formative years and letting the voice of the muse in humanity have a seat at the table. They would kill the collective creator in order to manufacture one they present as the only - when really it is the creator who lives in us. Shackled by forces that don't want us to come up with anything other than what is being spoon fed though the channels of propaganda.

The Imagineers at Disney all start a new idea by sitting around the table and envisioning the most impossible things. Eventually, something possible gets spit out and then something amazing and entirely new is born for everyone to enjoy. Let's be Imagineers in our own lives and begin or powerfully continue to explore the unkown bringing possibilities to the table.

I believe that is what is next for us and we are here now. Able to jump on the wave and ride it all the way into shore.

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