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Who we are - Who we were

Sometimes it feels life is on a hamster wheel and I wonder how the heck I got here and how to jump off.

Recently I was inspired to let go of the old and grab on to the now. Well of course. We all do that. Or at least we think we are, but for whatever reason it doesn't look like it works so back to running circles we go. As a creative it seems to be the most obvious time to jump ship.

Yet really, it is the tenacity that frees us.

Here me out.

The life we live is the life we curated a while ago. It is a culmination of all of the decisions we made then. And those choices play out we can be stuck in the consequences of those choices. We have all signed a contract that holds us even after we have grown out of the contract. Those we can wiggle out of at times. Life's contract holds us accountable. So the immediate moment we are in is the moment we created based on our old selves.

That idea lights me up. It inspires me to stick because I know I am now a more advanced human. I have matured and make wiser decisions. That tells me that if I keep pressing into who I am now and trust those choices mindfully, my future self will be so happy I made better choices. But only if I do not give up on myself. Do not abandon myself or throw away my hard work as I slowly shed that life I had built previously.

Creating my own world requires steadfastness and consistency while making conscious decisions that may seem impossible now but will flesh themselves out. I cannot make my choices based on the fear of the past. It keeps my past following me around and tosses it into my future. Hence- the hamster wheel.

The message is, do not be hard on yourself as you endure the present created by past you.

You cannot run from it. But, trusting the current self to take care of future self with wisdom from mistakes will make you resilient and bring a new vision to life. It takes patience and mindful thought. Action. Action. Action. Slowly, Deliberately. Not based on what we don't want, but on what we do. Noticing with gratitude who we are now.

Be well. Be happy. Don't give up. The hard part is where the juicy stuff lies.

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