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Finding a voice in Art

Do you ever wonder why a piece of art "calls" to you more than another? Did you know that when you get that "calling" it is actually releasing a hit of dopamine? Art can actually give you the same feeling of receiving a hug.

Hugged by art. Nice.

Art speaks when words are too small. It is a frequency. It is alchemy. Closely and intentionally placed colors and space reveal a place inside of both the creator and the receiver. I like to say that abstract says so much more about the viewer than the painter.

It is a reflection of the viewer as they get pulled into the energy in their own world and move through a portal of inspired thought and even more...feeling.

To be an artist and find the voice in art one must be able to be vulnerable. Present. And release the need to be "good enough" or perfect. Perfection is moving in strictly imagery but does that represent the artists voice? Does it reflect inner worlds of the viewer? Or is it mastery of technique? Or both?

What do you believe?

As you look around your environment, what is the art saying to you? What is it reflecting about who you are and who you have become today? Does it tell a story of your journey? Does it simply match the couch and fit the wall? Collection is about the voice and where you want to go when you don't really go anywhere. Color sets a mood and tone and the materials can make a space warm or formal. Do you want to relax? Do you want to be inspired?

I believe that as long as we continue to grow and transform our environment and our artwork must go with us. To reflect our current self keeps us here, now and present.

Living in the Eternal Now, keeps anxiety and fear of the unknown at bay and shows us who we are and how we have persevered. It's so important to celebrate and gift ourselves with a reminder of our own achievement. It's important to the art to be allowed to be good enough so that we may commit to what is happening in the moment.

Art imitates life. Life imitates art. And we... are but dancers on the canvas, moving to the beat of our own drum. Our voice in art is that moment where it "calls" to us. It is whispering gentle projections of our own world and hugging us with acceptance. When you own that art, you are surrounded by the dopamine. When you paint that art, you are saying you are good enough and what you share is beyond words. It is other worlds.

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