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Waking up.

Here it is 2023. New plans and new inspirations. New resolutions and new hope. The year comes packed in January with the commitments to do better this time.

I say, the best we can do is to love ourselves. People ask how. It's not that we haven't heard it before. I can tell you from personal experience it begins with not abandoning myself. Trusting myself. Trusting the journey and the process.

Self-care is taught as going to the spa or into nature or taking vitamins- all good for us. But truly loving myself has leaned heavily on self-reflection. Understanding the way my personality was formed from the time I was young based on situations out of my control has given me the key to access my heart. Being willing to look at my own behavior in my life and truly see my own self talk, and distorted paradigm I have lived from as I was programmed to think certain things. In being isolated I am getting to know myself as I have no one to blame. No one to point fingers at. No one to lean on. No one to speak into my ear their own fears. I can hear my own voice loudly and feel my feelings without editing or judgement. Then question why. What. Who. I am able to pick through the noise and get to my heart and hear its song. Getting back into music. Eating at the time my body says it needs food. Sleeping when I am tired. Painting until I feel finished.

Moving and flowing to my own rhythm.

I can see now the difference between who I truly am and who I was programmed to be. In the freedom I have found myself. The more I lean in, the happier I become. The happier I become the more positive people I am attracting. People who are like me in authentic ways, not structured and constructed ways. I can see so much in my community, and I am coming to love the world. Everything opposite the world wants for us.

Finding our way to self-love is deep into the path of self-acceptance. Taking responsibility for my choices and observing my thoughts and personality making changes. Acting from trauma and fear and anger and resentment at any level hurts me. I have bathed in my tears under the full moon. Realizing my choices and taking back my power as I land in spiritual apology for being blind and so mis-guided. I have stood in the mirror knowing that I am so powerful that I have hurt others in ways that will take years to heal. I have had to try to forgive that.

But that is self-love, because through that understanding I can become who my soul is meant to be. Someone who takes responsibility for my impact on the world. Not just focused on their impact on me. The world responds. It responds in immeasurable ways.

Once a person realizes their power in their own life and how they impact others they see the miracles of forgiveness from the Universe and all of the opportunities that had continued to be placed before them. Not seen. Not heard.

Self-awareness creates a powerful magnet when used for the highest good. Whether we realize it or not, we impact our community setting off ripples with every word and action we take. Making it a habit to try love first and to soften, if possible, shows alternative outcomes we would have never expected.

I start each day with the mantra, "I invoke, and dream awake my highest self, realizing my fullest potential now. I am worthy."

It has forever changed my life. Remember that to take full responsibility for ourselves and catch our inner voices can bring about a whole new world. And who would not want that?

I know I am grateful for the opportunity to explore this. I am still working on my personality, but my observer is catching many glitches programmed into my old narrative and replacing them with healthy boundaries. Those I set for myself, and those I set for my actions.

Loving yourself is very, very good for the world. Keep doing the good work. You matter. We all do.

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